About us


AKSafe Holdings Inc. is described as a pure private asset investment company, that exists to own assets and stock in other companies. Our main objective is to create and execute opportunities within the real estate industry and provide a model that welcomes every individual from any race or nationality.


Our mission is to distinguish investments through brand development for high quality residential Single Family homes and Multifamily rental homes for a wide range of income groups. We provide much-needed housing options in communities across Florida. We have identified shifts that create a transition from homeownership to renters among these communities with demographics, median income, and available affordable housing barriers being the driving forces.


The Florida housing market is constantly evolving and growing. The real estate markets have consistently delivered total returns above 30% year over year, besting all competing sectors according to the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts report. The real estate market has a long-term reliable revenue model to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns for long-term investors.